How to Prolong the Battery Life of Your Quadcopter

The most disturbing message or note that we receive from our gadgets is “low battery level”.

How to Prolong the Battery Life of Your Quadcopter

This case becomes more disturbing when it comes to quadcopters. Drones take hours to recharge and minutes to drain out. Be it drone enthusiasts or professional quadcopter operators, everybody wants their quadcopter battery to give more life. In this article we will guide you with some tips that will help prolong the battery life of your quadcopter.

Four Tips to Prolong the Battery of a Quadcopter

There are a few main factors that one has to take care of and the results can be easily achieved. The tips mentioned below will guide you to a better quadcopter battery life:

  • Opting For a Better Quadcopter Battery

    Commercial drone users have found a way which helps them operate their quadcopter for a longer period of time. It’s not necessary to use the battery that was shipped along the drone, you can find a battery of the same size that is compatible with your drone, but has a higher mAh level. A higher mAh level battery of the same size is very helpful, as it will not increase the weight of your quadcopter, but it will increase its flight time.

  • Quadcopter Going With the Wind

    As science says, you need extra energy if you are opposing something. This can literally be experienced when operating the drone with the flow of the wind.

    If the quadcopter is operated against the wind, the load on the propellers will increase and it will gradually result in more consumption of the battery, whereas if it is driven along the wind, the drone catches speed and reduces the battery consumption.

  • Charging the Battery Just Before Use

    It is a basic human nature that we keep our quadcopter batteries charged unnecessarily and long before they’re needed. In the case of drones, it is suggested that the batteries should be charged only when the need arrives.

    Unnecessarily charging the batteries and not using it for days leads to the degradation of battery life, whereas if the batteries are charged and used immediately, the efficiency of the drone never drops.

  • Selective Camera Usage

    Camera is one of those features that has increased the value of drones and are been used in different fields, like; military defense, movies, surveillance, etc.

    Selective camera usage means using the camera feature or switching the camera “ON” only when it’s required. If the camera is continuously ON, then it reduces the flight time and it will also slowly decrease the battery life with every use.

As you can see, prolonging the battery life of our quadcopters can easily be achieved by following just a few simple tips. Drop us a comment if you have some questions or have additional tips and tricks on how to prolong the battery of a quadcopter.

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