Syma X1 Review

You should read our Syma X1 review before you purchase one. After all, there are many different quadcopters for sale, and you need to make sure whether the Syma X1 is the right one for you. When done reading this Syma X1 review, you will have a fundamental idea of what the experts are saying about the drone.

Syma X1 Review

The X1 is another drone from the company Syma, which is making us excited this time, thanks to the initial impression it has given us. A very uniquely crafted, this Syma X1 mini drone, has quality features and amazing specs at the same time. The design is very attractive and helpful for the flight and controlling features of the drone.

A Quick Review of the Syma X1 Drone Features

  1. Battery: It is equipped with a 3.7V battery under the spec category of 350 mAh LIPO (Lithium Polymer). The withstanding of the battery is about 5-6 minutes with the charging time of 40 minutes. This leads you to little of embezzlement, but works fine with the quality of the Syma X1 drone.
  2. Controlling Distance: The X1 has an amazing controlling distance of about 40 meters, in comparison to its size and other features. This adds a pretty big plus in the basket of the drone.
  3. Controller: It has a 3-way precision controller with dual fly mode and a full 360-degree of eversion. It has a 2.4 GHz radio control and all its features makes this Syma X1 quad capable of flying in the outdoors.
  4. Sensitivity Utilization: It has been made up with gyroscope sensitivity utilization, which makes the drone a very fine and amazing machine.
  5. GPS: The feature which is known only for the money cost is not available in the X1 quad, making it astounding from others in the row.
  6. Auto Pilot: An autopilot is a system used to control the trajectory of a vehicle without constant ‘hands-on’ control by a human operator being required. Autopilots do not replace a human operator, but assist them in controlling the vehicle, allowing them to focus on broader aspects of operation.

So, the specs are designed as if it is a stunning and amazing PRO-Level quadcopter. The basic entity which make the Syma X1 quadcopter different from the others in the row, is simply one thing: affordability.

Some Drawbacks You Will Realize of The Syma X1

  1. Battery Time: It is much, much less than the expectations, which kills the craze of getting the Syma X1 drone in the air.
  2. Outdoor Flight: It is not recommended to fly the X1 drone in the outdoors, because of the reason that it can’t withstand heavy winds and changing atmosphere.
  3. Not So Accessible: It is quite difficult, when the deal comes to the fact of beginners.

It’s beyond the scope of this mini-introduction and review to detail the operation of the Syma X1 drone, because it is with its overall performance much more than this. Highly satisfying and convincing drone it is, I must agree. The Syma X1, and additionally numerous other multirotor airplane, must be placed on an extremely level surface not long after the battery is embedded. This permits the gyros and different instruments/sensors to align themselves appropriately. The Syma X1 will glimmer its red LED rapidly (approx. 10 times!) to tell you it is finished with the alignment. After this, turn on your transmitter, verifying the throttle (left stick) is completely down. The transmitter will make an arrangement of beeps and afterward stop once it is secure to the X1.

All these specs, along with the pretty looks of this drone at a fair price add to the excitement, and this is something you should have bought a long time back. Anyways you still stand a chance.

Presently you are ready to fly! Go on…..!!

The drone has got nothing to stop you from….!!

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SYMA X1 4 Channel 2.4G RC Quad Copter, Spacecraft (As shown) (Toy)

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