SYMA Toys Industrial CO. LTD, located in Laimei Industrial Park Chenghai District Shantou City Guangdong China, is a large scale firm. They have their own designing and production facilities that assures that everything, right from assembly to quality check is done under one roof only. They, again, have a worldwide market to cater to.

SYMA Drones

SYMA quadcopters are some of the best entry level options available to the customer who is look to get away with some easy money. They basically offer 2.4 GHZ drones with gyro stabilization. Indeed, these machines are quite stable and then quick when you need them to be. They offer these drones at really cheap prices, of somewhere around 40$, that’s value for money if you ask us.

SYMA is a committed organization that is apparent from its other products too. One must accept that they don’t really put up much fight in front of market monsters like DJI, but their low prices make up for the bargain. These drones are not the most attractive ones, but then what they can do matters more, doesn’t it? SYMA mainly provides for the hobbyist segment of the drone market, people who love to lead a fleet of drones or the ones who are looking for their first flying drone. The advantage with the small size quadcopters is evident in indoor use. Also, there are two modes of operations, one for cruising your way through, and the other for those enthralling maneuvers. There is enough power packed in their seemingly small quad copters.

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