Sky Viper Review

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Hmm….Sky Rocket toys has always been famous for its huge and great range of drones, and now the company has arrived with the very amazing and attractive Sky Viper. The Sky Viper quadcopter is on sale under the $100 range. You can call it a game-purpose only device. But if you compare the features with the price too, it still provides a great competition.

Sky Viper Review

Giving An Eye to Sky Viper Features:

  1. Responds better to the outer environment: While it seems to be a problem with most of the quadcopters, this one deals better with the winds and changes, which occur instantly. This is a very big advantage for any drone.
  2. Very much accessible: Even if you are a child or a beginner, you will pass no worry to access this quad and bring it to the very first flight. Have your trial now.
  3. Gyro: 6-axis gyro stabilization for a better performance, which makes it capable of providing a better flight performance.
  4. Advanced settings: It can go left, right, up and down. These settings also makes you capable of getting in the stunt mode too.
  5. Modes: There are 3 difficulty modes designed for sporty spirit. It goes from beginner to a PRO.

You can enjoy the flips and the barrel rolls with just a click on a button. Although flying a quadcopter under a range of $100 is never a big deal, but now-a-days there are many available in the market with slight a bit differences. The foam bunkers become a boon when the turn comes to indoor flying.

The Sky Viper’s battery keeps going just 5 minutes, in case you’re simply drifting, and in case you’re in full throttle. I’d be shocked on the off chance that you get more than 3-4 minutes of flight time.

The one up side, however, is that the battery does take a significantly shorter amount of time to charge than other batteries; to completely charge one battery it takes around 30 minutes or so. Despite the fact that it’s a lightweight and a sensitive little device, it appears to withstand some really hard hits without getting more than a couple of scratches and curved propellers.

Appreciatively with the quad there are some extra propellers included and a little screwdriver to switch them out. Those without a doubt prove to be useful on the grounds that the propellers are the main things that get harmed when flying in light of the fact that this is such a solid quad.

The Concerning Features Of The Quad:

The Sky Viper quadcopter battery is a minor concern if you are a professional RC Flyer. It Lasts just up to ten minutes if you are not in full power. Once more, it may last only up to 5 minutes if you use on a Full Throttle. Nonetheless, this is not a major concern for beginner RC Flyers.

This Quadcopter does not have a camera to take aerial photos and videos. Depending on the same reason, there are worthy probabilities to consider the DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone in your list on the off chance that, it is a quadcopter with Gopro camera that makes it quite impressive and strong.

You may have to be careful with flight sensitivity if you are a beginner. It may aAlso have an acute lack of Altitude Control, which can get a bit messy.

But cons and pros are part and parcel of everything. The good features this device has are covered by not having a camera, and convinced a tough go. Still, just go for it if you want to have the features you desire 🙂

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