As the name eludes, Parrot is a French wireless products manufacturer company that goes as back to 1994. In January 2010, Parrot launched the Parrot A.R Drone flying hardware, and that marks its entry into the market for quad copters. Parrot A.R drone is one of its prime products that has been lauded with critical acclaim all over the drone mania. The design of their drones is a little off the regular beat. The drone looks like a well rounded up flying saucer, and it is one. Their website comprehensively lists all the features that the Parrot A.R drone boasts off. This top segment company has always been locking horns with the likes of market biggies like DJI.

Parrot Drones

The good thing about this company is; they know how to improve. They listen to the users review earnestly and modify their products accordingly. Here we must mention the three virtual games that are supported by your parrot AR drone. A.R Race, A.R Rescue 2, and A.R Hunter are the games that are multi-player / single player reality augmented games where there is some interaction with the drone, and the pilot in form of a race or target hunting in the 3D environment that is created by the software. Yes, that’s reality gaming for you! This makes Parrot stand out from its competitors. It takes Parrot A.R drone to a whole new level, which generally makes it the epicenter of all envy from competitors.

Parrot recently launched an open API game development platform, which has been widely recognized by researchers and scholars. Parrot is one company that is exploring various niches, as far as application and usability of aerial drones is concerned. They keep experimenting with platforms and navigation software to the customers delight. Around half a million A.R drone units have been sold worldwide. WOW. Isn’t this raw metal worth laying hands upon?

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