Cheerson CX-23 Cheer Review

Today we share with you the Cheerson CX-23 Cheer review. This CX-23 Cheer drone is certainly one that has caught our eye. We think you should notice it too. Not only it’s available for sale under $300, but it is jam-packed filled with great features that any hobby drone owner would be thrilled to find.

Cheerson CX-23 Cheer Review

If your teenager has been asking about getting a drone, or your family has been thinking about getting one – the Cheerson CX-23 Cheer is certainly a quadcopter to consider. It has strong, durable construction and can even withstand the occasional crash (which happens to most of us, especially new drone owners). The Cheerson CX-23 Cheer has a camera that takes good video and photos that you can share with family and friends. While the CX-23 Cheer does not come with a professional grade camera, it certainly is a top quality camera that would please any hobby drone user that wanted great photographs of where they had flown their drone.

What we think you’ll also like are the features that make this simple and easy to fly. The Cheerson CX-23 Cheer review has been created both with the new and more experienced drone user in mind. It has modes and features to help you take off and fly from the exact same point, you can hover in a specific point for awhile if you wish to and this Cheerson CX-23 drone is also GPS enabled.

We know the price of this Cheerson CX-23 Cheer quadcopter got your attention, at under $300. But take a look at the top quality features you’ll get with this CX-23 Cheer drone, as we think your family and friends will certainly enjoy flying this with you, wherever you want to take it.

Cheerson CX-23 Cheer Review: All Features

  • The Cheerson CX-23 Cheer has a GPS module, so you can track every flight easily. Never lose sight of your drone, even for a moment.
  • The Cheerson CX-23 Cheer drone in this review comes complete with an easy-to-use remote control, that also has a monitor. Your drone can be controlled with just the push of a button. Very quickly you can change the course of where it is going.
  • You have no worries about a strong wind with this quadcopter. It has stronger wind resistance, so you’ve always got a smooth flight. You’ll find this Cheerson CX-23 Cheer can be controlled quite well.
  • This is a sturdy, well-crafted drone that is easy to travel with. If you are looking for a Cheerson CX-23 Cheer review to bring on family vacations or places where you would like to take photos, this is an excellent one to consider.
  • Your Cheerson CX-23 Cheer has a top quality 2.0MP camera, so it is easy to capture great aerial videos and pictures. Wherever you go, you’ll be able to enjoy these moments again and again.
  • The Point of Interest feature really caught our attention. You can aim your drone at something that has caught your eye, and it will go to this exact point. A great way to have fun with your CX-23 Cheer. There are other great features too, that will help you fly and manage this drone.
  • We think you’re going to be especially pleased with this quadcopter’s camera, as it has the ability to take photos at different angles. The camera can tilt up, down and in different directions. If you are a hobby photographer, you’ll enjoy the photos you take with this drone. But whether you want to capture a bird in flight or take a photo of your family on a hike, this camera will work with you.
  • This drone has a great flying time of 15 minutes, so it is easy to fly wherever you want your drone to be. The Cheerson CX-23 Cheer needs just 90 minutes to charge the battery, which means you’ll soon be back up in the air once more. This is a drone that is meant to be active and flying!
  • The Cheerson CX-23 Cheer also has the capability to fly quite a distance. You can travel up to 1/3 of a mile, which is a good adventure to have with your drone. This makes it easy to plan where you would like to go and see while flying the Cheerson CX-23 Cheer.

Every drone owner should be prepared, as their drone could crash sometime. The Cheerson CX-23 Cheer is quite durable, to withstand any potential bump or crash that might occur. This is a highly desired feature, especially in a drone that you give someone new to flying drones such as a teenager.

Price of Cheerson CX-23 Cheer is $277.90

Cheerson CX-23 Cheer Specifications

  • Size: 10″ x 10″ x 5.2″
  • Weight: 3.8 pounds
  • There is a warranty available for the Cheerson CX-23 Cheer.

Final Notes and Ideas on the Cheerson CX-23 Cheer Review

Here is a price comparison of similar drones available now:

  • Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 with Camera $279.99
  • Force 1 Drone with Camera and GPS Return $199.99
  • Contixo F18 Advanced GPS Assisted RC Quadcopter 1080P $299.99
  • Hubsan H501S X4 BRUSHELESS FPV Quadcopter 1080p Camera GPS $205.99
  • Cheerson CX-23 Cheer is $277.90

Compared to similar drones, the Cheerson CX-23 Cheer review has better features and a more competitive price. We especially like how durable it is, as this is a drone you can feel confident giving a beginner drone flyer or even having as a family drone with several young people flying it.

While the camera is not professional grade, it is a top quality one. If you are looking for a quadcopter under $300 and would like one with a good camera, then this is an excellent choice. As the camera has strong resolution to capture images and videos.

One of the best features that so many look for, is that the Cheerson CX-23 Cheer is a GPS enabled drone. This helps you not only track your drone, but also to plan where you would like to fly it. Whether you are going somewhere you’ve been before or a place that is entirely new to you.

We recommend you give this Cheerson CX-23 Cheer drone review a test try. It is certainly one we think your teens and family would like!

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