If you’re looking for superior quality and awe-inspiring technology in your quad copter, then DJI is your ticket to one of the most entertaining and enthused ride of your life. Headquartered in Shenzen, the silicon valley of China, DJI has gradually expanded to a global workforce of over 2000 opening nodal offices in the USA, Germany, Japan, Beijing and Hong Kong. DJI is one of the veteran drone manufacturers with an appetite for creativity and best of the class productivity. They have an efficient research team, the fruits of which are clearly reflected in their newer models.

DJI Drones

DJI products have been widely used by photographers, artists and other researchers to explore the deeper arcs of their creative endeavors. It has the intricately carved out Phantom range at your service, a profound army of extensively innovative quad copters. Phantom 2 Vision+ is the latest big gun in their artillery, and you must take our every word seriously when we tell you it is one of the most glamorous drone out there. These drones are basically designed, keeping their photography and videography characteristics in mind.

The drones built by them are classy, sturdy, and are fully loaded with features that you will love. But the tradeoff is they burn a huge hole in your pocket. We have fully covered all the drones by DJI in our reviews section for the ones out there with a passion for drones. One must go into the higher segment of the market, where DJI lies only after having sufficient experience of flying a quad copter beforehand. They might not have a huge variety to offer, but have not heard, its either quality or quantity. DJI manufacturers proudly call themselves the harbingers of future. Isn’t that true we say.

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