Quadcopter Tips and Tricks to Fly Like a Pro

Flying a quadcopter is fun. People love to show off their flying skills, but new pilots often crash. Here are some quadcopter tips & tricks that are going to help you to learn and master your skills to fly.

Quadcopter Terminology

Tips and Tricks to Fly Like a Professional

First and the most important tip is to understand the quadcopter’s terminology. You should be aware of the terms like; rudder, aileron, throttle, elevator and roll.

The time when you have learned your quad’s flight terminology, then pick a nice day with no wind. Being a newbie to drones you should not fly in strong wind. In strong wind your quadcopter will become wobbly and you may lose control over it.

Quadcopter Tips and Tricks to Fly Like a Pro

Try to fly your quadcopter in a large open field or area. You should try flying it in an open area, because when there is less obstacles, like buildings and traffic, you are be able to control you drone better.

A new pilot should try to keep less distractions and only concentrate on flying to master their skills. You should even try to keep your mobile phone off.

Do not go to manual mode in the beginning. It is for the expert flyers, as it doesn’t provide you with the extra stability a newbie needs.

Keep your controls simple. Up, down, left and right are the controls you should master. Don’t try to do stunts or advanced techniques until you already have months of experience. “First learn and then master“, this saying goes well with drone flying. First learn to fly the drone then try to master the skills, otherwise your quadcopter will crash.

Quadcopter Flying Skills To Master

These are a few things that you have to master to become a pro quadcopter pilot:

  • Hovering
  • Landing
  • Turning off the throttle
  • Spin the quadcopter

Master Quadcopter Hovering

Master Hovering

Try to focus and keep the quad at the same altitude in the same basic area. After that, when you are comfortable in it, try to move it forward and backward at the same altitude. Practice it and give it your best. It may take time, but be patient.


Landing the quadcopter properly is a very difficult task. Try to be steady and control the quadcopter while landing. You may not get success in the first attempt of landing, but don’t lose hope. Try it again and again, you will surely master it soon.

Turning Off The Throttle

This trick is to prevent the severe damage to your drone in a crash. If you learn to turn off the throttle, you can prevent you flyer from severe damage in a crash. Which is very important.

Spin Your Quadcopter

The rudder controls the yaw, which is the direction the quadcopter is facing. This rudder will allow you to not only turn your quadcopter, but spin it as well.

All these movements are a bit tricky, but as they say “practice makes the man perfect”. So just enjoy your quadcopter flying and keep practicing. The more you fly your quadcopter, the better you’ll get at controlling it.

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