Walkera, inspired from “Walking in the Era and Towing the Trend”, is a fairly experienced aero drones manufacturer with its dedicated, experienced research and development wings. Walkera factory is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou city and boasts of 40,000 m^2 workshops and over 1,000 senior engineers. Now, that’s what we call a support system!

Walkera Drones

Whenever we need a fusion of mechatronics, software and aerodynamics, these people have an ability to give them a common platform. This company, Walkera, has exported its product to different continents, like; Europe, America, and South East Asia, etc. They have around 5-6 quadcopter models that you could choose from. While the QR X800 prides itself in making your dream to fly higher and farther, longer; the Walkera QR X 350 is your ultimate resort to aerial photography.

You have got to take them seriously, because the features they have integrated in their drones aren’t only quintessential, but they go a step farther and add to the quality of flying. We were particularly impressed with the strength and durability of these drones, thanks to the main frame carbon fiber design. They have augmented the flight distances to 2kms and flight time up to 1 hour, isn’t that simply amazing? If you’re ready to throw in some serious money, you can get your FPV accessory goggles, and we fall short of words when we say anything about that experience.

HD photography and videography was never easier, their G-2D Brushless Gimbal + iLook camera and an EVO F7 transmitter are a living tribute to that. Their remote controls feel like the navigation control of some star wars movie, you feel empowered like never before. The flying experience is one of the best out there. Walkera drones, like the TALI H500, take things to a whole new level with integrating photography and FPV flying, not leaving much room for neither the wishers to dream about, nor the haters to babble about. All in all, go buy yourself a Walkera quadcopter!

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