What Are the Best Drones For Sale?

In every purchase or choice; one goes for the best. If you are a quadcopter lover, then you might probably be searching for the best drones in the market. Making a choice for a drone which fits best for your purpose and pocket is not a child’s play, but will become one after you go through our article.

“Best is always better than better”

What is a Drone/Quadcopter?

Man’s inherent desire has led to the invention of drones. A drone, in simple language, is a miniature or say bonsai of a helicopter. It is a remote control quadrotor helicopter that is most commonly used for military purposes or aerial imagery (both artistic and surveillance).

There are many unending choices, specially when we talk about drones, but we have segregated the best drones for sale and brought them at your hands. Going through this article will make a clear vision in your mind and you will be able to buy the drone of your dreams.

What Are the Best Drones For Sale?

The Best 4 Drones Available For Sale

Out of the many manufacturers and versions of drones, we have handpicked the best four drones for sale:

  • DJI Phantom 2 Vision+
  • DJI Inspire 1
  • Hubsan X4
  • Blade Nano QX

DJI Phantom 2 Vision+

The DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ has scored the first position in the list, because of its salient features. This quadcopter is so easy to operate that even a beginner can learn to operate it within a few minutes. Not only it is a great quad copter, but when combined with the H3-3D gimbal, it’s one of the best aerial video tools ever made. With aerial time limit of 15-20 minutes, it also rules the price range, which is below $1000.

DJI always keeps their software updated and bug free. Their customer support has improved quite a lot from the past 6 months. On a positive note, there’s a huge traffic available on YouTube and social media discussing about the Phantom 2 Vision+. You will always have someone to answer your questions about your DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ drone.

DJI Inspire 1

If you believe in “love at first sight”, then this is the drone for you. Straight away from movies, the DJI Inspire 1 enters the arena and makes its way through.

It’s one of the most advanced quad copters available in the drone market. There’s not much that the Inspire 1 “can’t do”. Some of its exceptional features are HD streaming from a mile away, 4K video recording, GPS waypoint flying, dual pilot operation, optical flow stabilization, 50MPH top speed, and a crazy transforming design.

The DJI Inspire 1 lags behind, just because of its price i.e. $2900, but it’s completely worthy for someone who wants an amazing tool for aerial photography, videography, search and rescue operations, or any other professional purposes. However, you can search out some coupon codes available online that can bring down its price to some extents.

Hubsan X4

Hubsan X4 is like a hommie beginner’s drone due to its cute and small size. It has 4 different versions available for sale.

The first one is the cheapest, it sells for $45 (including controller). It doesn’t have an extra agility mode like a Nano QX, so you can’t fly it with complete manual control. But it is pretty fast and maneuverable. It has 6 LED lights, which can be turned on and off from the controller itself.

The next two versions of Hubsan X4 have cameras. They are a bit heavier, costlier and bigger than the cheap version. The H107C is the version with standard camera and the 61170-02 comes with a 720p camera. The video clarity in the later version is better, the only problem with the 720p model is its higher price and reduced flight time.

The most expensive version of the Hubsan X4 is the H107D. It is mainly for FPV (First Person View), which allows you to see everything that the drone can see in real time. Its flight time is about 2 minutes, and is also preferred because of its cost.

Blade Nano QX

The Blade Nano QX is a lot like LaTrax Alias, but is a bit smaller than that.

It has two flight modes; stability and agility. In agility mode, you have full control over the quad copter to learn how to fly manually (it will not auto level itself). In stability mode, it will automatically level itself if it goes out of control.

Since it is the smallest, it is one of the cheapest drones available for sale. It costs only $90 and beats almost every drone with only its price.

These four quad copters/drones are the rulers of their own kingdoms price, performance, flight time and quality. We have made it easier and now it is time to prioritize your needs and choose from all the drones for sale. Make a decision that makes you feel alive when you watch your drone fly high in the sky.

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