Estes Proto X Review

So dramatically attractive in looks and in-a-fist kind of model by Estes, this Proto X quadcopter will surely mesmerize you by its looks, as well as the features. Say it or not, but this is the real fun in the sky. Popular by the name of minicopter, Estes Proto X is a bare bone quad with very basic features in it. But that is what we really do look for. Made for just personal basis, it is not-so-professional, but the specs, features, advantages and disadvantages are worth being considered.

Estes Proto X Review

What Is So Exciting About The Estes Proto X Drone?

  1. Small, agile, fast and easy to use.
  2. Small but Detailed LED lights in front and back, boon for the night wanderers.
  3. Four Micro Motors: It helps in the stability as well as maintains to provide a power-lift, which makes the quad fast.
  4. Accessible: In both, flying and handling, the miniquad is so much user friendly.
  5. Battery Back-up : It can fly up-to a time limit of 5 minutes, which is very much efficient according to the size and use.
  6. No Additional Costs: Whatever you need to maintain a good and healthy flight is present in the box. You don’t need to have spare money in your pocket to buy extra parts.

Estes Proto X Features and Characteristics:

Estes quadcopter Proto X arrives in a slick paper box with all the adornments you have to begin flying. You will get things, for example; Lipo Battery, USB Charger, Four Spare Rotor Blades, Instruction Manual, Remote Control & Extra Set of Propellers.

It is a Mini Quadcopter that has a sleek, modern, and simple design. It measures just 5.5 x 4 x 2.5 inches & to be completely forthright, this is one of the most diminutive Quadcopters we have ever gone over. The greater part of the parts are tucked to the side safely to verify nothing gets harmed. It is fundamentally a Ready-To-Fly Model that you can revel in a snappy flight in light of less gathering time.

It has Standard Plastic Propellers, which can be just pushed on with your fingers. The sort of Estes Quadcopter Motor utilized is “Center less Micro Motors”, which is so capable. The lodging of the Quadcopter can be effectively removed. Nonetheless, we propose not to mess with it, in light of the fact that this can without cause much of a stretch sever.

You can perceive the Estes Logo & On/Off Switch underneath the Estes Protox X Quadcopter. You can, likewise, perceive a percentage of the hardware on the PCB & some wires of the motors.

But let us have a keen look at the other side too…….

  1. Say no to Out-Doors: Since it is small in size and very light in weight, it cannot be opted for outdoors. The no withstand of the miniquad to wind and slight change in weather conditions.
  2. Advancements: No advance controls, and we cannot even demand it in this affordability.
  3. Propellers : They fall off very quickly and all accessories are quite annoying to handle. Due to two reasons, small size and light weight.

Overall rating, it is a very attractive piece and the review point goes to 4 stars. You can just get blind and buy this piece of quadcopter from Estes, because the company is so much trustworthy. You will receive the thing you have been promised. The company never compromises from the quality and satisfaction of the users. We won’t recommend any other accessory, because this is the complete package in itself.

8.5 Total Score

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