Heli-Max 1Si Review

This is a review of the Heli-Max 1Si quadcopter. An initial look at the specs of the quadcopter, the Heli-Max 1Si, show that the quadcopter boasts impressive ones that are normally seen with more expensive models and brands.

Heli-Max 1Si Review

Initial Impressions of the Heli-Max 1Si

The initial impression most people get from any quadcopter is the price. It is normally the first thing you are going to see when researching a new quadcopter. The Heli-Max 1Si has an incredibly good price tag. It is less than $150 on Amazon and has some impressive features that are similar to higher price tag quadcopters. The Heli-Max 1Si has an optional 720p HD micro camera that is capable of recording videos and stills while flying. It also has many flying features and modes to customize the quadcopter to different experience levels and needs.

Heli-Max 1Si Review: Key Features

  • Expandable Camera Storage: The optional micro camera comes equipped with a 2GB memory card, but can be upgraded to a 32GB memory card. This allows for longer videos and more still photos.
  • Actual Direction Option: One of the unique features that the controller has, is an actual direction control. Normally when controlling, the quadcopter moves in the reverse direction. On the Heli-Max 1Si there is a button that can be pressed in order to switch the controller to move the quadcopter in sync with the controls.
  • Return to Pilot: There is also a “home” feature that returns the Heli-Max 1Si quadcopter to the pilot. The return-to-pilot feature is quite helpful, especially when the quadcopter is dying. It is based on the controller and will work if the wind blows the Heli-Max 1Si off course.
  • Flying Modes: The Heli-Max 1Si has two different modes for flying. There is a Beginner mode and an Expert mode. The Beginner mode utilizes the stability functions: 3 gyroscopes and 3 accelerometers. The Expert mode turns off some of those features to make flying more challenging. It also allows for more advanced maneuvers to be performed.
  • Body Shell: The body shell is aerodynamic and helps stabilize the Heli-Max 1Si quadcopter when hovering.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Indoor Flying: The Heli-max 1Si is small and lightweight enough that you can fly it indoors. This is especially good for beginners learning how to fly for the first time. Other quadcopters are too bulky and powerful to fly indoors, and therefore, it makes them harder to learn without wind and other factors.
  • Lightweight: When you think of a quadcopter, you would assume that something that needs to fly should be as light as possible. Unfortunately, lighter is not always better. The lighter quadcopters sometimes get blown around more than heavier models. However, there are some lighter quadcopters that are able to compensate for the wind pushing it.
  • Battery Life: All quadcopters seem to have a problem with battery life, but many people have had problems that exceed normal with the Heli-Max 1Si. Battery life problems can be neutralized easily with just buying more batteries. The HD camera (optional) is also detachable, which can prolong battery life a little by being a lower weight. If it is not recording, you can disconnect the HD camera and prolong some of the battery life.

Heli-Max 1Si Review Summary

Overall, the Heli-Max 1Si is an affordable alternative to higher costing quadcopters with comparable features. The quadcopter has a short battery life, but makes up for it with versatility and adaptation for various skill levels. There are minor problems people have experienced with the camera, but for the cost there is really not much that can beat it. Compared to the Heli-Max 230Si, this model, the Heli-Max 1S1, is a better value since there is not much that is upgraded that is worth the price jump.

Heli-Max RTF SLT 2.4GHz 1Si Quadcopter without Camera (Toy)

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