DJI Phantom Review

DJI Phantom Review – If you are looking for a drone with:

  • Exceptional Flying Abilities
  • An Affordable Price
  • Handy Accessibility For Beginners
  • Aerial Filming (Photography and Videography)
  • Multi Rotor System
  • Go pro Mount

Then this is the one for you. DJI Phantom comes with all the above eye cracking features, without letting the price catch the horizon of $1000, but wait… there is a lot more to it. It comes up with a high quality build, sleek and a very attractive design.

DJI Phantom Review

Although there is a slight possibility that at the first look you will underestimate the small packet, it comes up with great surprises when you enjoy the first flight.

So What’s So Great About This DJI Phantom Drone?

  1. Easy to fly and control: It comes equipped with GPS, gyro, and a handy compass that makes the device fly easily to extremes, and controllable.
  2. GoPro Hero 1, 2 or 3: It is available with a single adjustable angle mount of gopro, directly connected to the body of the DJI Phantom drone.
  3. Accessibility: It comes quite handy and ready to be used kind, which makes it very easy for the beginners. Still, you will have to make slight changes on the settings of hardware and there you go. UP FOR A FLIGHT!!
  4. Turns Stedicam in a go: Connect FPV i.e. First Person View Kit to the DJI Phantom and you will be able to connect a wireless video transmitter to the gopro. It will forward those video signals to the glasses the pilot is wearing. After that you can expect a live video feed of the scene.
  5. Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC): Shrewd introduction controls are the inherent capacities to aid in flying the DJI Phantom. Specific flip switches take into account 3 separate settings on how the apparition responds to flight summons from the radio transmitter. The setup for the flight aid modes is carried out to adjust for not being a locally available pilot. That are some hacko features, which make it stand highly above the average.
  6. GPS-enabled position-holding: This needs a clear description from the very first feature. Making things easier is an option of flying in GPS Attitude mode. This allows the Phantom drone to hold its position in mid-air, automatically compensating for wind gusts. Additionally, it keeps the quadcopter’s inertia from carrying it forward when coming to stops – as soon as the throttle control is released, the aircraft stops moving. The Phantom’s enhanced fail-safe feature also makes the whole experience less intimidating. If the quadcopter losses contact with the controller (such as if it had exceeded its 300-meter/984-foot radio range, or the controller’s batteries died), it would simply fly back to its takeoff point.

So many features to make your mind vote and click on that BUY button but… there is the other side of the coin too. The can’t be avoided cons of this device are:

  1. Gimbal is not included in this device. Gimbal is basically a device that allows rotation along a single axis.
  2. The Gopro mount in this device is directly attached to the body, which creates shakiness and vibrations in the footage. But after a bit of experience you will have an idea about the weather conditions in which the device is to be used.
  3. Gopro mount doesn’t have any space for HERO’s add-on modules, such as the LCD screen or extra battery. That makes it a con for Hi-Tech technology lovers.

DJI Phantom Rating

Taking the entire pros and cons into consideration, I will rate this Drone a quality peck of 4.5 stars. This is more than what we demand for this price. Overall it has impressive performance, and if you have a budget pack of this and these features seems satisfying. Go for it.

You can buy it from here and have us build it and customize it for you, because with the quality of product; the quality of seller and handling properties matter too. We are here for the best service, for both options. They complement each other and don’t think of buying an incomplete set:
1. DJI Phantom
2. First Person View Kit

Fly safely and keep visiting our site for more updates and suggestions.

DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for GoPro (Camera)

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