3DR X8+ Review

3DR X8+ Review – Making never before possible drone flight missions simple and affordable! You can buy the 3DR X8+ drone at Amazon and save hundreds of dollars.

3DR X8+ Review

It wasn’t very long ago, that if you wanted to take to get something accomplished in the air, you really had to have a full-size plane or helicopter to do it. These days, aerial drone technology has totally changed the face of airborne business.

What used to require a skilled pilots, fuel, as well as repair/upkeep on a 3,000+ lb average plane, can now be accomplished for a MUCH cheaper cost. There’s much, much less overhead, and aerial drones are incredibly cheap to purchase in comparison to full-size planes.

As a suitable example, a used Cessna 185 costs right around $209,000 USD (2003 model). For a brand new one, you’re looking at close to $300,000. And this is just a mid-size plane without any additional equipment with it. If it’s possible to use an aerial drone like the 3DR X8+ to accomplish the same tasks you’ve been doing with a plane, then considering these copter drones as a replacement option is in your best interest.

Now, the 3DR X8+ review, as well as many other comparable drones in the same class, cost only about $1,300 to purchase brand new. They come with a 90 day warranty, and generally have a lifespan of several years, considering you’re using them on a frequent basis. Buying replacement bearings for your 3DR X8+ drone when they wear out will greatly extend the lifespan of the drone itself. They’re prone to wearing out after about 80-100 hours.

Now, of course not everyone will be able to trade their work plane in for an aerial drone fleet and still get the job done, but some people using aircraft for business will DEFINITELY be able to cash in on the savings a drone fleet can provide. The price for the 3DR X8+ barebones package is $1,360 at Amazon.

3DR X8+ Review: Features and Specifications

  • SunnySky V2216-12 KV800 II Motors – Operating at a KV of 800, the X8+ is operating at a lower Kv, which is equivalent to more torque and power (vs. 3000 Kv super fast speed), side of things. When compared to the torque-strong 400 Kv motors of the DJI Spreading Wings series, the 3DR X8+ motors operate at just a bit faster RPM, but not by much.
  • 8 Propeller Octocopter Design / 2 Propellers Per Arm – While other octocopters in the marketplace like the DJI Spreading Wings series have an 8 propeller design (8 arms, 1 propeller on each arm), the 3DR X8+ for sale has 2 propellers on each of the 4 arms. One on top, and one on the bottom of each arm. Each of the propellers are 11 x 4.7″.
  • 1 Kg+ Payload Capacity – The X8+ is able to carry 800 grams with very little reduction in flight time, and 1+ kg (just a bit over) with a flight time reduction caveat.
  • 4S 6000 mAh Battery Pack and Charger – A 6000 mAh Li-Po battery is included with the X8+, as well as a charger. Time to recharge this battery is right around 45 minutes. You might also consider buying a multi-port charger and additional batteries (with higher mAh) to extend your 3DR X8+ flight time.
  • 12-15 Minute Flight Time / 1 Km Control Distance – It depends on what kind of equipment you’re carrying, but on average, you can expect to get between 12-15 minutes of flight time per charge. This isn’t the best flight time out there, as the DJI Phantom 3 definitely blows this drone away in terms of flight time ability at 21 minutes per charge.
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    As far as range of distance is concerned, the 3DR X8+ you buy is controllable within a 100 meter altitude range, 300 meter geo-fenced range, and a total maximum control distance of 1km from the transmitter (with geo-fencing off).
  • 3DR Flight Safety Control System – Because crashing one of these drones can “total” them, it’s great that the X8+ comes with an intelligent flight safety system to help protect beginner pilots.
  • Multiple Gimbal, Camera, and Sensor Compatibility – You can outfit the 3DR X8+ with your choice of available compatible gimbals, cameras, and sensors.
  • 3PV™ Follow Me / 14 Flight Modes – Follow Me mode commands the 3DR X8+ drone to follow you around, and the 14 different PixHawk flight modes direct the drone to behave in specific unique ways based on your preference.
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    One thing that’s becoming more and more advanced, for sure, is the software offerings pre-installed with drones. New and innovative software programs and commands allow you to get more done, much easier.
  • 3DR LiveView Monitor Compatible – 3DR X8+ also allows you to use the LiveView monitor so you can see what the drone is doing in the air. Aftermarket FPV systems also work with the X8+ you purchase.

3D Robotics X8+

Helpful Additional Notes

Keep in mind there are certain accessories you can buy separately (which saves money) that you can add to the 3DR X8+. Mixing and matching different compatible accessories from standalone companies can yield great results.

Sometimes going with a higher priced drone that automatically includes additional accessories bundled with it can be a waste of money. On the other hand, sometimes bundle deals on the 3DR X8+ for sale can save you money, considering not everyone needs extremely high quality/aftermarket cameras, gimbals, transmitters, and flight controllers.

A basic quadcopter package that includes a 1MP camera for example, instead of 10 MP, is more than sufficient for most people’s needs. For example: $200 Blade Glimpse.

The 3DR X8+ Review is Simply Amazing!

High School students are very motivated to use the X8+ for projects and to accept drone technology as a mainstream advancement in their everyday lives. They’re a blast to fly, and just like smartphones, teaching kids about aerial drone technology will have them in a better position to work with them more in the future.

Tasks that used to require a great effort, such as fixing street lights, checking atmospheric conditions, magnetic imaging, agricultural photography etc, can all be done remotely, and for a much cheaper cost than using manned aircraft. Drones will soon be commonplace, maybe not this year, but 10-20 years from now, the “drones doing business era” will be in full swing.

3D Robotics RTF X8+ Multicopter 915 MHz RTF X8 915 (Electronics)

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