The Other Side of Drones: Drug Smuggling

Drug smuggling has taken a different level in today’s technologically oriented world, with the help of drones. The world has moved from pigeons to humans, and now it’s time to sit peacefully and let technology do all the job.

Drones (also known as quadcopters) are the latest development in the field of technology. Recently, they have taken a sharp turn and their use is deviating towards drug trafficking.

The Other Side of Drones: Drug Smuggling

U.S. Mexico Border Drone Drug Smuggling

There has been a recent drone crash, which was flying from Mexico to south of the U.S. border towards the city of San Ysidro, California, as reported by the Tijuana Municipal Police. This seems like an end of crawling through tunnels beneath the U.S. Mexico border for drug smuggling. It’s an open threat to the system. But this matter can’t be left ignored, as the crashed drone was loaded with 6 pounds of synthetic drug crystal meth, which will cost at least $48,000 in San Diego, California. Agent Matt Barden added “once you get it across the border, that stuff is gold”.

It was a DJI Spreading Wings S900 model in silver with black, and was unable to withstand the load. The DJI S900 quadcopter crashed Tuesday night in a supermarket parking lot in Tijuana.

U.S. officials and Mexican police were not shocked on seeing the crashed drone, as for them it was not the first time they have seen smuggling taking place via unmanned aerial vehicles.

“Drones are the most updated, aerial, unmanned, and technologically advanced gadgets that are being used to outfox the border authorities.”

Technology Advanced Drone Used For Drug Smuggling

The Tijuana police revealed on their department’s Facebook page that the crashed drone was a prototype that used global positioning system or GPS, to reach its destination. Sylvia Longmire, a leading drug war analyst said “the cartels have been using drones for surveillance. Transporting drugs is a bit more complicated, but creative as well”.

Barren added that “when you look at the cartels, their main aim is to flood the U.S. with as much drugs as possible”. They are also worried, because this can also prove to be a trial for something bigger.

It’s time to see technology break all boundaries from the hands of drug smuggling.

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