Parrot Rolling Spider Review

The number of Parrot Rolling Spider reviews has increased at a very fast pace during the past couple of months. This can be attributed to the fact that they are highly efficient in performing different functions and are a combination of mini drone and RC car. This review of the Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider identifies the benefits and limitations you need to consider before purchasing one.

Parrot Rolling Spider Review

Small enough to fit your palm, but irritating enough to make that noise a curse. The rolling RC wheels makes the Parrot Rolling Spider go anywhere in a very interesting way. These are the two basic specs you notice in this device the moment you get ready for the flight-in-action.

Although the specs make the Parrot Rolling Spider fall in the category of toys, the fact is it is a bit more than a simple toy. The user-experience and accessibility will make you fall for it. Below is a more detailed review of the Parrot Rolling Spider.

Closer Look of the Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider

  • RC Wheels: Make your drone go all all-over your house with these little RC wheels. This Rolling Spider drone makes this ride possible by the 55-gram wheels. The body of the mini drone is light-weight, so the soft wheels don’t make it absurd. It lets the Parrot Rolling Spider drone walk swiftly all over the floor, and being soft, it manages to survive lots of crashes.
  • Battery: The 550 mAh battery makes it capable of providing an eight minute flight experience. The extra-batteries can be bought at a very small price. Being it is affordable, it creates no havoc among your wallet.
  • Control of Flight: The Rolling Spider drone is operated by Parrot’s Free Flight 3 smartphone app, which is available on free download. It is compatible to both iOS and android.
  • Features: Although it is considered to be a beginner’s drone, the features and specifications with its handling properties make it look a bit more to the pro level.
  • Fully Customizable: The “settings” are properly customizable and can be given your own look by the Parrot’s Free Flight 3 smartphone app. It prevents the Parrot Rolling Spider mini drone from indoor crashes and going outdoors away from a place.
  • Range: The drone has a range of 20 meters and it’s height is more than enough, as compared to it’s size. The top speed of the Parrot Rolling Spider is about 18 kmh/h, which means it has a movement of around 11 m/h.
  • Camera: The drone has in-built camera, which makes it out of the crowd from the “toy specifications”. Although the experience of HD is not available, fine snapshots will be received from the 0.3 megapixel camera.

Now, it’s important to make you aware of the bitter part of the Rolling Spider drone too. Here are the cons of this mini drone by Parrot.

  • Battery Life: Nobody is in the mood of getting a drone in, once the flight of outdoor catches hike. The 8 minute battery life keeps you away from the high-end experience.
  • On/Off Switch: It is the nonattendance of an on/off switch. This implies the Rolling Spider must be turned on by connecting to the Micro USB and unplugging once more, a slight hindrance in the event that you anticipate bringing the automaton down to your nearby stop. Parrot does say the Rolling Spider quadcopter is an indoor and open air automaton. We discovered this case to pretty much look at, in any event when flying in moderately cool climate (however, we did need to tow a portable computer curious to see what happens due to the switch issue).

Conclusion of the Parrot Rolling Spider Review

With the substantial wheels appended, we discovered the automaton to be fairly hardheaded on take off, wanting to dash left or right more than in a straight upward movement. One approach to conquer this is to hold the ramble’s body relentless, under control, while it takes off. The controls turn into a ton more responsive once the Rolling Spider is buzzing around.

The body, design and specifications make the Parrot Rolling Spider mini drone a full worth system for the asking price. After reading the Parrot Rolling Spider review you can proceed to purchase it without any doubts.

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