Hubsan X4 Review

While the RC world is rejoicing in unleashing the bigger beasts, Hubsan looked the other way while rolling this little RC drone, the X4. It is a petite quad copter that can fit into your palms. This might be the cute little thing girls swoon over. Below are the features and specifications of the Hubsan X4.

Hubsan X4 Review

Now one must not commit the folly of taking this thing lightly as it can give you an exciting flight time against all expectations. The X4 box contains the drone, the joy pad, the USB cable, and 4 sets of propellers, spare battery, spare motors, and a protector for the wings. The PCB and the Li-Po battery are sandwiched between the upper and the lower case. The first look, it looks like a toy, but for 37.99 bucks, you can’t ask for more. Though it’s a micro drone, it feels stout and heavy for its size.

The Hubsan X4 Camera

We won’t say much about it, because it is a utility camera. It can capture, record and flash the image and the video on your LCD. That’s pretty much it. One annoying thing was that the camera has to be switched off from the drone, and if you don’t do that, you end up losing your video. The 720p recording is decent enough. But if you were buying this Hubsan X4 for clicking pictures, we would recommend you to move on to other models. The camera can come in handy considering the size of this drone.

The Controller

The controller comes jammed with 4 AAA batteries. Generally, AA are used for drones, but these are decent enough too. The 2.4 GHZ controller feels like a game controller, like your Nintendo 64. There are the twin joysticks for motion. This controller has an option of switching into high and low rates by pressing the right joystick and releasing. More on that later. The joysticks are extremely sensitive, for those of you with powerful hands, watch out or you’ll crash it on your maiden flight. The controller has a good enough LCD screen that enables you to use POV mode and gets the images and video from the camera.

The Flight

The Hubsan X4 flight is really exciting. However, one must remember that both, good and bad things can be exciting. When you turn it on, with the flashy lights, the drone is steady in the air when it isn’t moving. The gyro sensors have to be lauded for that. This gives you a royal feel. But as soon as you flick the joystick to the front, you’ll understand you need to be careful. The joysticks are extremely sensitive. One small touch can send your drone orbiting into the space in no time, just kidding.

There are two modes, the low rate and the high rate. When you switch on to the high rate mode, you just upped the game a whole new level. This is where the excitement chips in. The X4 gets really quick and flashy. You can perform maneuvers, those 360 degree turns, those showman flips and can really flaunt this off in front of your friends. The drone comes with a 360 degree aid. All you need to do is just flick in the opposite direction at a certain height, and the drone takes care of the rest, ha ha. But your friends don’t have to know, right?

The Hubsan X4 RC quad copter isn’t the one for the beginners, neither is for the photographers, then who is it for?

It’s for everyone out there who wants to have some fun at some really affordable prices. The manuals aren’t simple enough, but we think going through them will be worth the enjoyment.

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