Heli-Max 230Si Review

In this review of the Heli-Max 230Si we will go over all its features, specs, pros, and cons. This review will mainly focus on its cost versus the features. On this Heli-Max 230Si review we will also compare it to other similar quadcopters on the market.

Heli-Max 230Si Review

Initial Impressions of the Heli-Max 230Si Review

The Heli-Max 230Si comes with a very low price tag for the features that it has to offer. The 230Si has an above average camera compared to other quadcopters in the same price bracket. It is small, lightweight and relatively easy to use. It is easy for beginners to go from taking the Heli-Max 230Si out of the box and begin flying it wherever they are. The size and weight truly allows for it to be flown wherever you want, indoors or outdoors.

Key Features of the Heli-Max 230Si

  • Stability: There is great stability to compensate for light wind or other events. It has 3 gyroscopes and 3 accelerometers. This keeps the Heli-Max 230Si stable when it begins to tilt or something knocks it off. It will quickly correct itself without any controlling, on the Beginner mode.
  • Flying Modes: The Heli-Max 230Si has two different flying modes – Beginner and Expert. The Beginner mode allows you to utilize the stability features in order to make the flight easier. It will allow maximal stability in order for the pilot to get a hold of the controller and how the quadcopter behaves. The Expert mode turns off some of the stability features, which makes the flight harder. In Expert mode it forces the pilot to self stabilize the quadcopter in flight and compensate for wind and other events.
  • Altitude Control Management: This feature allows for you to control and/or set the altitude you want the Heli-Max 230Si to stay at, until it is disabled. It also has the option to manually control the altitude. When you set the altitude, you can still move the quadcopter, but it will stay constant on the set altitude.
  • Expandable Camera Storage: The 720p HD camera can take photos and videos from the quadcopter. It can also be upgraded to up to 32GB. It comes with a 2GB microSD and converter, but that will not hold a full flight video. There are also some problems with the quality working well with lower sized microSD cards.
  • Fail Safe: The Heli-Max 230Si has a Fail Safe for when there is either loss of signal from the controller or the battery dies. The Fail Safe maintains the altitude, then slowly lowers the quadcopter to the ground. It keeps the Heli-Max 230Si quadcopter from falling to the ground from high and breaking parts of it.

Heli-Max 230Si Review: Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Indoor Flying: With a small and compact size, the Heli-Max 230Si can be flown indoors and outdoors. This versatility is semi-unique for quad copters, because of the large size and power of the blades.
  • Lightweight: The small and compact size also comes with some disadvantages. The lightweight quadcopter can easily be blown away and lost. Medium winds can whip the quadcopter away from the controller and pilot causing it to lose control. This is an unfortunate side effect of small size.
  • Camera: The Heli-Max 230Si has a great camera, as far as the specifications go. However, many people have problems capturing videos. It is also the same camera as the Heli-Max 1Si, so there is no upgrade as far as the camera between that one and the Heli-Max 230Si.
  • Battery Life: Battery life is known to be a huge problem with quadcopters. It seems that the Heli-Max 230Si might drain the batteries faster than usual. It is an easy fix, but still a little annoying to be required to purchase more batteries to be able to fly for longer that 10-15 minutes.

Overall, this Heli-Max 230Si quadcopter review does not seem to have much improvement over the other model, the Heli-Max 1Si. The camera is identical and the upgraded specifications do not match up with the price jump. Compared to other brands of quadcopters, the Heli-Max 230Si is a great value on its own.

Helimax 230SI Ready-to-Fly (RTF) Quadcopter Drone with Camera (Toy)

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  1. Reply
    gio June 19, 2015 at 5:57 pm

    I have helimax 230 si ,the Quadcopter has no power, difficult climb and sometimes falls, change batteries, propellers and nothing happens. Another thing I see is that the accelerator has no minimum.

    • Reply
      Drone Examiner August 12, 2015 at 1:41 pm

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

      We didn’t have a bad experience when we tested the drone indoors nor outdoors with good climate (no wind and no rain). Possibly they gave you a faulty quadcopter?

  2. Reply
    Salim June 25, 2015 at 12:26 pm

    Several reviews on Amazon citing motor problems and general unreliability of parts. Thoughts now that you’ve had it for a while?

    I’ve just bought a Parrot Bebop, but was thinking a Blade 200 QX would be a good beginner’s choice for something a bit speedier. Would you agree?

    • Reply
      Drone Examiner August 12, 2015 at 2:07 pm


      There’s been a few people telling me about that same issue with the Heli-Max 230Si. I only had this one for a little bit and didn’t really have an issue.

      Out of those two I prefer (based on my needs and taste) the Bebop, but the 200 QX it’s a good product as well.

  3. Reply
    Ryan December 18, 2015 at 1:17 pm

    For $ 27.00 you can buy different motors… The CL-0280-15 / 8.5 mm coreless 15,000k has more torque and the 0280-17 mm has more speed … For $ 11.95 you can get the 6x3x2 mm bearings and add c-3 dry ceramic chain lube to the gears for less noise and longer life.

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