Heli-Max 1SQ V-Cam Review

Hobbico, one of the largest distributor of radio-controlled models across the US comes up every time with new and creative ideas for new and improved quadcopters, over the years. So, where will the quality go this time? Here is the company with it’s Heli-Max 1SQ V-Cam for creating a benchmark again in this world of drones.

Heli-Max 1SQ V-Cam Review

About The Heli-Max 1SQ V-Cam

Designed by keeping photography enthusiasts this piece features a built-in camera. It allows a very accessible and user friendly platform for taking pictures and videos. Its implicit advanced cam gives you a chance to shoot High-Definition airborne features, with transmitter-actuated ON and OFF. A LED enlightens each one engine case for energizing moves after dim. Also its TAGS-FX Sensor Fusion adjustment framework — emphasizing a 3-pivot gyro and a 3-hub accelerometer — rectifies float and undesirable development in yaw, pitch and roll. New pilots appreciate remarkable certainty….. specialists pick up the accuracy to execute flawless moves! On the whole, you get a quadcopter that is fun and simple to fly, as well as a stable feature stage. This progressive machine is additionally accessible in RTF and Tx-R so you get all that you require and just what you require. You’ve used all your life on the ground.

The 1SQ V-Cam Specs and More:

  1. AGS-FX: It is a unique sensor fusion technology which adjusts itself to provide the best flight pattern accordingly to the situation.
  2. 1 250 mAh LIPO battery and charger: Now ask me it’s a boon over all the blessings to receive this kind of battery in a drone. Guys, it makes it so much efficient and trust-worthy.
  3. Four extra rotor blades: This clearly depicts that if anything happens to the blade which are most susceptible there is nothing to worry about. We have provided you with a extra life what the company says.
  4. Installed motor, ESC, servos, SLT receiver: That says it is ready to go kind of the device which needs no amendments at all. The other side of the same is that it is no need of any other device with it because it is self-capable of every basic work. Till the time you keep it to the basic.
  5. LCD screen : It makes you familiar with the trim settings and view. The positive side is you get to know the battery life of the device at a go and need not worry about the calculations in your mind.
  6. The size specs : It is a considerable and optimum size of the quad acc to the functions. The dimensions are 7” on both the side and about a bit 1.4” high.

And some disadvantages which will not make you that much disappointed over the so-many-
pros of the device:

  1. Images: Feels as if you need to be a proper pro in that camera work to take pictures according to your satisfaction. Purely depends on luck.
  2. According to the usage: It seems pretty good but actually this quad can get a problem with it’s battery but that is really done with the extra batteries on the go.
  3. The outdoor thing: It dizzes off a bit when the wind starts and then all that you have as an option is to pack your bags and return back to home.

But I don’t get it over the specs because Man at this price how much will your list demand? All the specs are satisfying and quite a bit attractive.

You can easily go for this drone as it is quite approachable and the manufacturer is in the list of best one we have.

Thank you. Stay tuned for more.

Heli-Max 1SQ V-CAM RTF Quadcopter (Toy)

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