A Battle Between Chimpanzees and Modern Quadcopters

Quadcopters are becoming a common sight in the skies, as well as in the news these days. They made headlines recently when they messed around with chimpanzees and fell flat on the ground after being smacked by our closest living ancestors.

A Battle Between Chimpanzees and Modern Quadcopters

A quadcopter was being used to film a TV series about chimps in the Netherlands at the “Royal Burgers’ Zoo”. The goal of using the quadcopter was to capture aerial footage of the chimpanzees with a GoPro camera attached to the small drone.

Chimpanzee Knocks Down a Drone

A battle broke out between the ape and the modern quadcopter as soon as it passed near-by him. Maybe the chimpanzee got furious by its intrusion into his personal space or by fear of the threat it can posses. Video footage of this battle, which by now has crossed 2,100,000 views on YouTube, it’s being shared on many social networking sites. This viral video of the chimpanzee knocking down the drone, shows how the ape patiently waits for the quadcopter to pass by, and the clever chimp jams it as soon as it gets near him.

The angry and smart chimpanzee used a stick to jam the rotors of the modern drone. Moments later, the entire clan of chimpanzees attack the quadcopter to make sure it never bursts into their personal bubble ever again. The GoPro camera lived up to its durability and remains unharmed by such attack.

Chimpanzee Knocking Down a Drone

The one famous image captured by the quadcopter, and which has become the focus of public attention, is the one of a chimpanzee brave enough to look at the damaged quadcopter afterwards. The image captured by his expression clearly depicts the message, not to mess with them.

Fact About Chimpanzees, Humans and Quadcopters

An interesting fact, according to National Geographic; chimps and humans share 98% of genetic blueprint. And it looks like the remaining 2% is reserved hatred for quadcopters. It’s not the first time the animal kingdom has such unwelcome drone intrusions. Yet, humans have not given much importance to those subtle events.

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