Heli-Max is actually one of the best RC helicopter companies, but in the ever sprouting world of RC quad copters, they are beginning to mark their presence. They have 4 quad copter options available and they candidly accept that they are just for starters. These Heli-Max drones might come in handy when it comes to getting your first flight in the air. But we would like to specify to our readers that they must not be counted among the minnows, no sir. Because Heli-Max might manufacture entry level drones, but this has not stopped them from loading their RC drones with those attributes that you find in those top notch air conquerors.

Heli-Max Drones

Features like Actual Direction Control (That lets you move your drone in the same direction as your sticks), return to pilot and altitude control management are not freely thrown around in the drone world. You can even get yourself an HD camera version on some of Heli-Max drones. That’s more surprising than amazing. Companies in this niche generally don’t aim too high. They are satisfied with limited sales of their minimal drones. But Heli-Max is one company that is serious about their growth.

We would highly recommend checking this company out and giving it a serious thought, before making your purchase from the biggies or settling for the lower models. Also, they make those cutting edge features affordable to the likes of me and you, the common man.

Heli-Max drones are ready to fly, so no sweaty long hours with your drone dis-assembled all over the floor, and you breaking your back trying to understand the manual that seems like written in a language you will never be able to comprehend. Heli-Max is a good company and their inventory shows that they are darn serious about what they sell.

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